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We're glad you stopped by to shop for some office machine supplies. But, if you have to purchase these items more than once every two months, you really should sign up for a Free account. Here's why: The easiest ordering system around, the industry's widest selection of office machine supplies at huge discounts and a very useful and unique, personalized inventory catalog of your specific office machines. Take a look:


PrintSmart Supplies offers the most personalized way to manage and supply your printers, copiers, and fax machines. Store your company's inventory of office equipment online with a customizable Equipment Catalog. When you log into your catalog you will only see information pertinent to your equipment and your company. You can add, delete, or sort equipment from your catalog as your business grows and changes. Supplies are automatically uploaded for each specific equipment model. Sign Up today and immediately start building your very own Equipment Catalog, or email and we'll build it for you.

Equipment Management

When you build your Equipment Catalog you are building a secure database of your company's office equipment inventory that can be sorted by your office locations and departments. Each printer, copier, and fax machine that you add to your catalog has a My Info icon that allows you to view and store pertinent information about that equipment such as serial numbers, purchase or lease terms, warranty information, and servicing information. There is even an area for you to enter relevant notes (i.e. The paper for this printer is stored at reception; or, call Bob Smith in Facilities if this copier jams; etc.). Now, you'll always know where to find useful and pertinent information about your equipment.

Purchasing Tools

Your personalized Equipment Catalog is a tool in and of itself. It allows you to find the specific equipment model that you want to order for quickly and easily by location and department. When you've found the model of choice simply click on the supply button associated with it and all related consumable items for that equipment will be neatly displayed. Choose your items and check out. It's that simple. Other tools include a Frequently Purchased Items area for you to store the most commonly ordered products in one convenient location. Companies with large inventories will appreciate our "Text Only" version of the Equipment Catalog. Our Order History section allows you to monitor both current and past orders. These purchasing and management tools, along with our huge selection of supplies, make the Smart Supply Source for your printers, copiers, and fax machines.

Original Manufacturer (OEM) Supplies offers supplies made by your equipment's original manufacturer (OEM) at discounted pricing. These supplies are labeled OEM in the supply area of your personalized catalog.

Compatible Supplies offers high quality re-manufactured or recycled supplies that can offer large savings over OEM products. These items are labeled Compatible in the supply area of your personalized catalog. Most re-manufactured supply items take 2 - 3 days for delivery. Save your empty cartridges until you have at least 3 and will have them picked up for you. To arrange a pick up email us at


Products can be delivered by one of three shipping methods.

  • Ground: $6.95 - Products arrive within 3-5 business days.
  • 2-Day*: $11.95 - Products are guaranteed to arrive within 2 business days.
  • Next Day*: $15.95 - Orders received before 2:00 p.m. PST will arrive the following business day.
Orders that total under $50.00 will be assessed a $10.00 handling fee. Additional shipping charges will apply on orders over 20 lbs and for deliveries outside the continental U.S. Not all products can be delivered in this fashion. Items that can't be delivered via 2-Day or Next Day delivery will be noted in their product description.

3 Click Ordering System has a 3 Click ordering system, the easiest supply ordering around. Just click on the Supply icon next to the equipment you are ordering for and the supply list will appear; enter the quantity you would like to purchase; click the 'Add to Cart' button and Checkout.

STEP 1: Click on the "supplies" button in your office equipment inventory

STEP 2: Enter the quantity you wish to purchase and click the "Add to Cart" button

STEP 3: Click the "Checkout" button and you're done!

My Info

The My Info section of your Equipment Catalog is like having a virtual filing cabinet. It allows you to store pertinent purchasing, servicing, and supply information about each specific machine in your inventory. You may file your equipment's serial numbers, purchase or lease terms, warranty information, and servicing information by clicking on the Edit this Information button at the bottom of the page.

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